Jan 19, 2017

Ambassador Peter Wittig spoke with Joshua Johnson, host of 1A on WAMU 88.5 - American University Radio on January 19 about German-American relations, transatlantic trade and investment relations, NATO, the European Union and more.

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Looking ahead to the incoming US Administration, Ambassador Wittig said that Germany is approaching it "with a constructive, open-minded, forward looking mindset" and stressed the close relationship between Germany and the United States.

He also emphasized the importance of NATO in transatlantic relations. "NATO is a bedrock of our security in Europe and also, I think, for the US." In the wake of Russia's annexation of Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Wittig said, NATO has reinvigorated itself and acted to reassure especially its eastern European members of NATO's commitment to their security. He referenced Defense Secretary nominee General Mattis, who said, if we didn't have NATO we would have to invent it.


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