Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble

Finance Minister Schäuble in DC for G20, IMF & World Bank Meetings

In an op-ed published Thursday in the Wall Street Journal, Minister Schäuble explains why he is convinced that enhancing economic resilience is key to prevent societies from growing apart.

Turkish citizens vote in Berlin

Chancellor Merkel and Foreign Minister Gabriel on Referendum in Turkey

"The close outcome of the referendum shows how profoundly divided Turkish society is. This means great responsibility for the Turkish Government and for President Erdoğan personally."

Chancellor Merkel meeting President Trump

German CEO’s and Apprentices Advocate For Vocational Training

In a roundtable discussion as part of Chancellor Merkel's first meeting with President Trump, three CEO’s of German companies and apprentices from their companies met with the two leaders to discuss the benefits of the dual system of vocational training.

Bundestag Election 2017

Bundestagswahl 2017

The next Bundestag election is taking place on September 24, 2017. Germans living abroad are not automatically entered into a voters’ register. If they wish to participate in Bundestag elections, they have to submit a formal application for entry into the voters’ register before each election.

Bundestag Election 2017

50 Years: Remembering First Chancellor Konrad Adenauer

Adenauer and Kennedy in the Oval Office, 1961

In the crucial post-war years, Konrad Adenauer forged close ties with the West, meeting several times with US President John F. Kennedy, including on his landmark visit to Germany in 1963.

Konrad Adenauer

Chancellor Merkel to Receive Elie Wiesel Award

Chancellor Angela Merkel in August 2016

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has announced that it will present the 2017 Elie Wiesel Award, the institution’s highest honor, to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Elie Wiesel Award

World’s Favorite Gummy Maker Haribo Opens First U.S. Factory in Wisconsin


Haribo, the family-owned German confectionery company responsible for the smiles of children around the world, announced this month that they will opening their first U.S. factory in the state of Wisconsin.

First Haribo Factory in Wisconsin

German Immigrant’s Drawing of Hamburg Shipyard Returns to Home City

William Karl Wilburn

William Karl Wilburn is donating the drawing his great-grandfather made in 1855 of Hamburg's Reiherstieg shipyard to the city's history museum. "I felt that it should be given new life."

1855 Shipyard Drawing

New Passports Include State of the Art Security Features

New passport

Beginning March 1, Germany will begin issuing new passports with even more security features, including secure paper with watermarks and other features that become visible under UV light. The new pass...

New Passports

#MyDeutschFail: Finding the Humor in Language Learning

Man laughing

A popular strategy to language learning of any kind, but perhaps especially so with a more complicated language such as German, is keeping a sense of humor about it. As such, we interviewed German language learners of all ages to ask about their funniest language mistakes they have made.

'MyDeutschFail' Project

Word of the Week: Augenblick


If you're familiar with German, you've surely heard the phrase "einen Augenblick!" But an Augenblick (literally "eye-glance") is usually a longer period of time than the word suggests.

Word of the Week


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Ambassador Peter Wittig

Ambassador Peter Wittig

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Skills Initiative

Skills Initiative

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Transatlantic Climate Bridge

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