Our virtual Press Room is a special service to journalists, making available the latest German Embassy press releases and other e-services, contact information, and additional resources. Be sure to also browse our overview of exchange programs and fellowship for journalists, allowing you to study and/or work in Germany.

Press Contact

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The German Embassy's Press Department is the first stop for journalists seeking information on government positions or other issues of interest to journalists (Phone: 202-298-4251 or -4247). Alternatively, you can also contact the Press Officer of the Consulate General nearest to you.

Press Contact

Press Releases

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The Press Department sends out press releases on a regular basis, drawing particular attention to selected news, interviews, statements, and speeches.

Press Releases

Statements and Speeches

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Access the latest speeches, interviews or statements by German Government officials.

Statements and Speeches

German Embassy Young Journalists Program

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The German Embassy regularly organizes German-American workshops for young journalists in Washington, DC, and Berlin, inviting participants from leading journalism schools in both countries.

Young Journalists

Exchange Programs for Journalists

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At least six institutions and organizations offer opportunities for American journalists to work and/or study in Germany. Most of the programs do not require that you speak German in order to be eligible. Others offer German language classes to prepare you for your stay in Germany.

Exchange, Fellowships

German Media in Germany and the United States

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Germany has a vast and prolific media industry. Our media link list provides you with an overview of major German print, radio and TV outlets in Germany and the US as well as information on German Wire Services, Associations and Councils, and more.

German Media

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Stay in touch for the latest news from Germany.info, a publication of the German Embassy's Department for Press, Information and Public Affairs, the German Consulates General in United States, and the German Information Center.

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Latest Press Feeds

Press Feeds

Germany.info Videos

From Berlin to DC -- our video selection will take you there. Learn why Berlin is a hotspot for innovative start-ups; take a virtual trip to Germany's cities and sites; watch the White House welcome ceremony for Chancellor Merkel; and see what Ambassador Peter Ammon is doing.


Media Corner

The Media Corner is a free service offered by Deutschland magazine for international journalists and writers. The service provides topical texts and photographs from Deutschland magazine for reprinting, royalty-free with certain conditions.

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