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Germany is one of the world's leading industrial nations and ranks as one of the world’s three biggest trading nations. With its 82 million inhabitants, it also offers the largest market within the European Union.

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Energy & Climate

Climate, Energy, Environment

Protecting climate and environment

Climate protection, promotion of renewable energy sources and protection of the environment are major focal points of German Government policy. These policies have also become a driving force for German businesses, which are already at the forefront of innovation and job creation in the field.

Energy, Climate & Environment

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Germans and Americans can be a powerful motor for cooperation on climate and energy policies. The aim of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge is to help Americans and Germans exchange know-how and to pave the way for joint solutions.

Transatlantic Climate Bridge


Innovation, Science & Technology

Research in Germany

Germany is the No. 1 location for research in Europe. German innovations have changed the world. Research-intensive products and services contribute 45 percent to the creation of value in Germany, more than in any other industrialized country.


Ten Innovative Ideas from Germany


What was impossible yesterday is feasible today – and perfectly normal tomorrow. Ten innovative ideas from Germany.

Ten Innovative Ideas

Skills Initiative

Skills Initiative

The Skills Initiative works to introduce the German style dual training system in the US.

Training to Work

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