You have worked in Germany and now live in the USA? Then you might want to know how to apply for a German pension. This webpage will provide you with information on the application process, the proper German pension authorities, possible effects on your US Social Security, taxation of old age pensions, life certificates, pensions for work in a Ghetto and more.

You can find detailed information on the following topics:

How to apply for a German pension

Refund of pension contributions

Contact information of the German pension authorities

Information on taxation of German old age pensions

Information on life certificates

What shall I do if I did not receive my pension; if my address or bank account changed?

What has to be done when a recipient of a pension passes away?

Information for pensioners who would like to return to Germany

Please be advised that the information above is for applicants or recipients of a statutory German pension (social security) payment. Holocaust survivors usually receive restitution payments. These two forms of payments are paid by different authorities. However, survivors who for example worked in a Ghetto might qualify for receiving an old age pension as well. That is why many Holocaust survivors receive both, a restitution and a pension payment.

For information on pensions for Holocaust survivors who worked in a ghetto pursuant to ZRBG (law regulating the conditions for pension payments on the basis of employment in a ghetto), please visit

Financial Compensation for Labor in a Ghetto

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