Welcome to Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle

From the Black Forest to the techno temples of Berlin, Germany boasts astonishing diversity in a compact country at the heart of Europe. 

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Visa, Passport & Legal

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Whether you need a visa for Germany or are looking for information on German citizenship, customs regulations, inheritance matters, marriage in Germany, notarization of documents, or numerous other consular matters, this site is a good place to start.

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Foreign Policy & State

The Reichstag in Berlin

The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic, federal and social constitutional state. The primary goal of German foreign policy is to preserve peace and security in the world. The expanded concept of security covers not only questions of conflict prevention, defense, disarmament and arms controls, but also economic, ecological and social issues as well as human rights.

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Economy, Energy & Climate, Innovation

Wind Mill, (c) colourbox.com

In the international arena German companies have an excellent reputation. They represent “Made in Germany”, known as a seal of quality the world over. They represent innovation, quality and cutting-edge technology.

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Culture & Sports

25th anniversary Fall of the Berlin Wall

Germany: the "Land of the poets and thinkers." [das Land der Dichter und Denker] Goethe was German, as were Bach and Beethoven. And yet, as a nation of culture, Germany has no national authority with overall responsibility for culture for the country as a whole.

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Study and Exchange

Goethe-Schiller Archive reopened

Whatever it is you want to find in the area of study and exchange to Germany, from degree programs in Germany, to scholarship databases, to study abroad helpful hints, our practical guide is here to assist you.

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Press & Media


Our virtual Press Room is a special service to journalists, making available the latest German Embassy press releases and other e-services, contact information, and additional resources. 

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