Maj. Chris Ferrara operates an HC-130P/N “King” fixed-wing combat rescue aircraft

Thank You to US Air Force for Rescuing German Citizens off Coast of Florida

The United States Air Force sprang into action recently when the sailboat of a German father and son caught fire off the coast of Florida. "Your rescue forces performed a remarkable feat, thus adding yet another, especially impressive act to the countless examples of friendship between our two nations,” Ambassador Wittig writes in a letter to Secretary of the Air Force Wilson.

German Chancellor Fellowships

APPLY by September 15: The German Chancellor Fellowship for Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is searching for the leaders of tomorrow – from Brazil, China, India, Russia, and the USA. The German Chancellor Fellowship offers you an opportunity to take the next career step in Germany – irrespective of your field of work. In order to apply, develop your own project idea and find the host of your choice to mentor you. Learn more and apply for the 2018 program!

Freibadwetter in Berlin

Word of the Week: Freibad

When it's hot outside, Germans head over to the Freibad, which means "free pool" (but it is usually not free)! Germany has more than 7,000 public swimming pools, half of which are Freibäder.

Bundestag Election 2017

Bundestagswahl 2017

Germans who reside outside the Federal Republic of Germany and no longer have a domicile within the federal territory may be eligible to vote in the election. Registration is possible only upon application via an official form. Click for more information.

Elections 2017

Germany’s candidacy for a seat on the Security Council in 2019/20

German Security Council candidature logo

Germany is seeking to become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Former Foreign Minister Steinmeier announced the candidacy for 2019/20 in Hamburg on Monday (27 June). The elections are expected to take place at the General Assembly in June 2018.

Germany’s candidacy on the Security Council

Germany's G20 Presidency 2017: Shaping an Interconnected World

German G20 Presidency 2017

The reef knot logo of Germany's G20 Presidency symbolizes interconnection.  Germany's presidency has set itself the ambitious goal of shaping an interconnected world in cooperation with all G20 partners. Leaders meet in Hamburg on July 7 and 8.

G20 Presidency

Bundestag Approves Same-Sex Marriage

People and rainbow flags at the Brandenburg Gate

In a historic decision, the German Bundestag voted in favor of same-sex marriage on Friday. Many parliamentarians celebrated the vote in the chamber, and hundreds of revelers gathered at the Brandenburg Gate.

Marriage for All

German Companies Boost Their American Presence


According to the Wall Street Journal, German companies last year announced 64 U.S. acquisitions, valued at $88.5 billion. Based on the recently announced expansion of many German companies and affiliates, that momentum has no sign of stopping in 2017.

German Companies

USHMM's Matt Steinhart Uncovers His German Heritage

Matthew Steinhart's archival family images.

Matt Steinhart grew up in New Jersey with the awareness that his German grandparents, Leo and Ruth Friedman, had lost most of their immediate family in the Holocaust. With information provided through the International Tracing Service, Matt was able to uncover further details of his family's history and regain German citizenship on behalf of his grandparents.

Matt Steinhart

#MyDeutschFail: Finding the Humor in Language Learning

Man laughing

A popular strategy to language learning of any kind, but perhaps especially so with a more complicated language such as German, is keeping a sense of humor about it. As such, we interviewed German language learners of all ages to ask about their funniest language mistakes they have made.

'MyDeutschFail' Project


More News

Ambassador Peter Wittig

Ambassador Peter Wittig

Peter Wittig is the German Ambassador to the United States.

Skills Initiative

Skills Initiative

The Skills Initiative works to introduce the German style dual training system in the US.

Training to Work

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Learn more about the initiative and about German energy policy and the energy transition here.

Consulate Finder

German Missions in the United States

Find out which German Mission can assist you by using our Consulate Finder.

Consulate Finder

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